5 Differences of Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner

5 Main Differences of Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner. A nurse is one of the very important fields of practices in the world. There are many different specialists in nurse, which each lead to very different career choices. There are two specialist positions which are famous and popular among the nurse practitioner, namely Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) and the Family Nurse Practitioner. Both of these roles required various specialized programs. However, these roles are not exactly the same roles. It has a different path to a different working environment.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner VS Family Nurse Practitioner

If you as a nurse confused with the differences of acute care nurse practitioner and family nurse practitioner, do not worry. In this article, there will be explanations about the differences of acute care nurse practitioner and family nurse practitioner. Check it out!

  1. Management and Reporting Lines

Commonly, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, or known as ACNP, has to report directly to the nurse who is in charge, or head nurse.  ACNP usually have a direct consultation with the physician, making ACNP have an important role in caring the patients. Furthermore, ACNP will need to be assessed and tasked with its duties from the head nurse. By contrast, a Family Nurse Practitioner, or FNP in short, have to work independently. FNP usually has to decide independently, but in some states in the United States, FNP needs to be directed and supervised by physicians. Thus, FNP has the independent decision in nursing fields while ACNP has to be supervised by the head nurse.

  1. Qualification and Training

As a licensed nurse, ACNPs at least have to own a minimum of the associate degree or bachelor degree in the nursing major, have to pass an NCLEX-RN exam and have to be registered first as a nurse. Moreover, ACNP commonly has to conduct several on-the-job training, but some colleges now offer this program. In contrary, a specialization master degree is a main requirement for those who want to be FNPs, or even required doctorate degree as an optional.  Consequently, ACNPs are required to have a bachelor degree and FNPs are required to own specialization master degree.

  1. Workplaces

As the workplace of each nurse, ACNP commonly places in the emergency room and intensive care units (ICU). Sometimes, ACNP is being tasked at the hospices, home settings or care homes. However, FNPs usually works alongside general practitioner, but there are some FNPs that practices on their own. FNPs mostly located in the large pharmacies or walk-in a treatment center.

  1. Working hours

Based on the workplaces, ACNP often has irregular and long working hours, since their working places mostly require 24/7 intensive lookout. Even though ACNP have their own shifts, but in some cases, ACNP still have to work even their shift is already finished. It happens because ACNP cannot leave the patients while that patient is still his/her duty. In the other hand, FNP have regular hours of working and some of the FNP have to work with appointment

  1. Salary

ACNP have the range of salary around $53.355 – $211.352 per year. It is the basic payment of less experienced ACNP, and the salary could be increased with more experienced. On the other hand, the FNP annual salary range around $60.934 – $96.582 just for the started or fresh FNP, which those numbers still not include the bonuses.

What do you think? Have you got the image of differences of acute care nurse practitioner and the family nurse practitioner? At least you know what you should choose as for your future nursing career. Good luck!

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