How Much Does A Nurse Practitioner Make In Florida Per Hour

How Much Does A Nurse Practitioner Make In Florida Per Hour

Nurse practitioners, or also known as an advance practice nurse, are a licensed nurse to work at a more upper level than family or registered nurse. It can help to diagnose and treating injuries or illness, recapping medication, and interpreting specific diagnosis action, such as laboratories task or X-ray job. Several medicates or private insurance are using nurse practitioners to work on their services. Sometimes, nurse practitioners also located on the private hospital or clinic, in a group practice setting or autonomously.

How Much Does A Nurse Practitioner Make In Florida

But, do you know how much does a nurse practitioner make in Florida per hour? Some of you might believe it will be more than any other states, while some of you argue that it has differences but not significant. If you still confuse, here is the list of several wages calculation that a nurse practitioner makes in Florida. Check it out!

  1. The Nurse Practitioner Salaries ( become nurse practitioners )

The nurse practitioner’s salaries vary depend on several factors, such as a workplace, experience, or many other factors. In Florida, a nurse practitioner could obtain around $52.000 to $122.000 based on in 2012. If you calculated, a nurse practitioner could obtain around $58.65 per 40 hours a week. The average salaries of a nurse practitioner in all states as of June 2012 are $95.000 or approximately $45.67 per hour.

  1. Specialization and Wages

According to, there are top five numbers of nurse practitioner salaries in 2011 which the job is around family practice, medicine, pediatrics in all major, mental health, emergency rooms and fast respond unit. In Florida the highest specialization wages is the nurse practitioner who located in the emergency room, taking around $49.87 per hour. The remain of best 5 units’ payment is a neonatal unit which paid for about $47.99 per hour, a retail clinic which got $46.54 per hour, gerontology which obtained $45.43 per hour, and mental health which gained $44.43 per hour.

  1. Experience and Gender

There is less impact on the experience factor for nurse practitioner after 5 years of practices. Based on the survey in 2012, in Florida, a nurse practitioner earned the wages for about $40.84 if the nurse practitioner has less than 5 years of experiences, while the experience for about 20 years or so, earn $42.56 per hour. Moreover, the female nurse practitioner obtains fewer wages than the male nurse practitioner, which averaging $42.02 per hour, while the male nurse practitioner obtains $48.23 per hour.

  1. Location and Wages

The report by Allied Health World said that the wages of nurse practitioners are varied according to the area based on June 2012. In New York and San Francisco, the nurse practitioner has the highest payments, around $55.29 per hour or $115.000 per year, while in Minneapolis is the lowest payment, around $38.94 per hour or $81.000 per year in average.

In conclusion, the nurse practitioner has various wages based on the place of work, the experience own by the nurse practitioner and even the specialist. The wages o Nurse Practitioner in Florida is not really the highest but also not the lowest.  So, how much does nurse practitioners make in Florida per hour? The answer is around $95.000 per year or $46.00 per hour.

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