Nurse Practitioner : Is Being Nurse Practitioner Worth It?

5 Reason Becoming Nurse Practitioner: Is Being Nurse Practitioner Worth It?

There are almost 205.000 nurse practitioners all across the United States of America, which even nurse practitioners have memorable moments in the calendar, namely National Nurse Practitioner Week. There was the first nurse practitioner school created by Dr. Loretta Ford approximately 50 years ago. Then, it became the first revolutionary profession all across the United States of America.

Reason Becoming Nurse Practitioner: Is Being Nurse Practitioner Worth It?

David Herbert, the Chief Executive Officer of American Association of Nurse Practitioners, or simply known as AANP, said that nurse practitioners are the most important job because it becomes the lifeline of patients. Nowadays, nurse practitioners mostly act independently licensed provider. Nurse practitioners offer better quality, at the cost of effectiveness solution to increase the access to healthcare for all people of United States of America.

But, the most things that pop into your mind, is being a nurse practitioner worth it? Some said that nurse practitioner is a hard job, while others said that is worth of your life but is it really worth it or there are better things to do than being a nurse practitioner? Here are 5 lists of reasons why being a nurse practitioner is worth of your life. Check it out!

  1. Intellectual Challenge

It is not an easy thing to become a nurse practitioner. Intellectual begin when the applying at the nurse practitioner school and become a part of your career. In order to practice as a nurse practitioner, you have to own a master or doctoral degree first. At first, before applying for the nurse practitioner programs, you have to pass several courses, such as anatomy, physiology, chemistry, microbiology and many others. Even though it is not the main recruitment, nurse practitioner needs to have a minimum of 10 years of nursing experience.

  1. Anatomy

There is a chance for nurse practitioners to practice autonomously and begin their own private practice. Lots of individuals seek to become nurse practitioners only just to learn autonomously. In fact, 21 districts in the United States learn to practice without any physician guide and keep growing every month. Actually, the research about autonomous nurse practitioners’ programs has already begun in 1986 and in 2011, the research found that autonomous nurse practitioner provides better care and result with similar as those with physician guide.

  1. Return on Investment

It’s not only nurse practitioner program saves others’ life, but also received wages and well-deserved rewards for their hard work and dedications, without having an extra cost. In 2010, AANP held a comparative study between nurse practitioner school and medical school’s cost. The result is those nurse practitioner programs have fewer fees than medical school and better wages.

  1. Ample Opportunity

Nurse practitioner programs have better demand job than other medical school graduates. The nurse practitioner could start their own private practice or business or apply for a role in several private clinics to be a professor, researcher, and others.

  1. Elite Group

17.000 students have graduated from nurse practitioner school in 2015, and it will make you one of those elite circles if you graduate from nurse practitioner programs. Nowadays, a nurse practitioner is needed to be the solution to the critical condition of American healthcare system that has been hovering in the system for quite some time.

Well, the explanation above is answered the question ‘is being nurse practitioners worth it?’ You already know 5 reasons why you have to join nurse practitioner programs, and it has many benefits by joining it. Good luck!

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