Pain Management Nurse Practitioners With Salary

Pain Management Nurse Practitioners With Salary and How to Becoming

A job as nurse practitioners who specialize in pain management duties are dealing with patients by providing treatment and a variety of therapeutic techniques. Patients treated by Pain Management Nurse Practitioners are those who experience chronic pain. Pain Management Nurse Practitioners will check the source of the pain suffered by patients in coordination with other doctors and nurses to coordinate the care and treatment for patients. ( read : nurse lab coats style ).

Pain Management Nurse Practitioners with Salary and How to Becoming

In addition, Pain Management Nurse Practitioners will tell the patient to cope with the pain of their own independently or through medicines and alternative ways to relieve the pain when they feel. In summary, there are five tasks or activities performed by the Pain Management Nurse Practitioners. There are: to assess pain suffered by patients, prescribe powerful drugs, monitoring the level of pain side effects of the drugs given and educating staff involved or associated with pain management. ( Being Nurse Practitioner Worth It? )

How to become Pain Management Nurse Practitioners?

It is expectation by 2020, Pain Management Nurse Practitioners will increase by about 19%. This is due to several reasons, the reasons are:

  • Someone who has overweight and obesity can lead to a variety of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, so it will require maintenance.
  • In many countries there are nursing homes that require more nursing staff. In addition to the nursing home, there is also the need of a private nurse in geriatric nursing homes and for those already at the age of old.
  • Limited practice acute care in hospitals, thus requiring care in the home and to provide appropriate treatment is medically indispensable nurse or Nurse Practitioners.
  • To work as a nurse practitioner pain management, the first step you should do is applied for a license and certification applications. And to obtain the license and certification, each country has varying regulations. However, some rules are usually based by 4 categories that established nationally, these four categories are:
  • Psychological integrity through the management and coding methods
  • Integrity physiology that includes physical comforts and patient care.
  • Effective and comfortable environment for patient care
  • Focus on prevention such as health care for patients

According, the average salary for a job as a pain management nurse is about $ 67,106 per year. However, the amount of salary that can changed, depending on the level of education, experience and in the country where they work. ( Nurse Practitioner Make In Florida Per Hour ).

Pain Management Nurse Practitioners with Salary

As an example of that in Georgia. The average salary for a job as a Pain Management Nurse Practitioner  of about $ 88,377 per year. While in New York, the average salary for Pain Management Nurse Practitioner  can reach $ 122,927 per year. With details of a base salary of $ 76,023- $ 115.239, a bonus of $ 507- $ 19.727, profile sharing of $ 1.100 for a total salary per year could be around $ 77,313- $ 123.927.

Thus, the salary earned by a pain management nurse practitioner not only of the basic salary, but also of the bonus and profile sharing. That’s what makes the salary of a Pain Management Nurse Practitioner  is different in each region and country.

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